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Why you should advertise on a digital signage network

The advantages

Because you need to communicate your message in a targeted and effective way that spurs interest and attracts attention. In a way that will motivate your audience to take action on a specific call, an idea or a mood.

Because it enables you to target a specific audience with a specific message through a medium that includes all the positive aspects of television, the king of the last 100 years marketing. In other words, advertising digital signage networks is the ideal medium in order to communicate a specific message to a special audience, circumventing thus the cost for a mass audience reach, when the only thing that interests your company is just a part of this audience.

Because an advertising digital signage network is able to include various types of content such as video, graphics, text, animation and audio, all combined in ways that not even television is able to accomplish. This is exactly the point that differentiates digital signage in conjuction with other video-driven media. There is no other video-driven medium that is able to create such an effect on targeted audiences at a very small cost of investment.

Because no other medium provides marketers the ability to influence, nurture and direct consumers to buy a product or service at the point of purchase so effectively. The right message has the power to provide the consumer with that little extra push necessary to make a purchase, to engage with a brand and to influence his behavior by making him to purchase more, mainly on impulse.

As a conclusion, advertising digital signage networks possess all those values of a strong communication medium and have the ability to convey advertising messages or informational content to selected audiences with common characteristics due to their presence at specific places. This combination makes the response to the message communicated via digital signage more probable.

Key points to consider

Brand building and awareness, the dynamic communication of messages and the pinpoint targeting of audience, time and content, render advertising digital signage networks as one of the most versatile and important tools of the modern marketer. There are some key points that you should always consider when you examine an advertising campaign on a digital signage network:

  • Ad recall and memory imprinting is better compared to any other form of traditional advertising.
  • Digital signage viewers do not have the ability to skip the channel or fast forward during advertising slots.
  • Advertisements are attractive because they are dynamic, with rich graphics and motion, specially designed to attract customers in a visual manner.
  • Advertisement schedule is very flexible. It can be adjusted according to audience and time of day parameters, while it may be customized in a way that will target even sub-audiences.
  • Advertising digital signage networks are more efficient and less costly compared to television, radio, print or outdoor.
  • The message is easily managed and targets the desired audience in times and places not easily available by any other medium.
  • Digital signage may used both for local and hyperlocal campaigns with the same effectiveness.

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Why you should advertise on a digital signage network