Why you should adopt digital signage for corporate communication

Digital signage may be used by a company for the development of a branded channel that may serve as a dynamic communication medium with clients, staff and partners. In the following, the most important advantages of digital signage as a corporate communication are provided:

Builds strong relationships with clients and partners. Consider a car dealership where customers seat in the waiting room either to get service from a salesman or to get their car back from service. By installing a digital signage driven screen in the waiting room, instead of just showing free-to-air channels, the dealership is able to communicate special promotions for its customers and award them for their preference to the specific business. In another example, consider a corporate environment where a digital signage installation in the building's lobby is used in a dynamic way in order to update customers, partners and employees alike.

More effective communication of important and breaking news. Digital signage may be used in a corporate environment in order to show updates regarding weather, breaking news and local updates. In emergency situations, digital signage may serve as a lifesaver, communicating alerts regarding exit locations and other important information to customers and employees alike.

Dissemination of internal corporate information. A digital signage installation in a corporate environment may be used effectively in order to communicate corporate messages, health and safety tips, production statistical data, etc.

Creates strong bonds with your people.  Digital signage may be used in order to remind to your people the vision and values of your company. This way, your people create a stronger bond with your company, an effect always leading in better results for your company and its people.

Effects on customer behavior. A privately-held digital signage network may be a very useful tool when used in the premises of your company that are open to your customers. Some of the advantages are dwelling time extension, customer guidance to visit specific points in your premises, dynamic communication of call-to-action activities, etc.

Improvement of customer experience. Customer experience may improve significantly due to digital signage.  Cases like banks, airports and other businesses that present extended queuing times may benefit by the use of digital signage because of the reduction in waiting time perception and the opportunity to promote cross and up-sell products and services.

It is a time saver. The preparation of a static, printed banner is a task that needs time and it's costly. The same message may be prepared and shown much faster with the use of a digital signage installation. Also, if you take into account the repeating printing costs due to message changes and wear of the banners, then digital signage becomes a very cost-effective platform that will result in significantly high Return on Investment (ROI).

It enhances productivity. Consider an industrial facility where management needs to communicate vital information to its employees. This information should be communicated in real-time and seamlessly. The data may include production data tied to employees' productivity σχέση με τις επιδόσεις των εργαζομένων. Or it may be essential information for the coordination between departments, lunch time announcements or CSR activities. Digital signage has all the credits to become an integral part of the industrial environment and provide vital information for employees to keep their workplace safe, friendly and productive.

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Why you should adopt digital signage for corporate communication