Vision and philosophy


The vision of Intelligent Media is the ongoing development and offer of new technological solutions for the fields of marketing, promotion and advertising.  Our goal is that these technologies are characterized by innovation and reliability. At the same time, these technologies should provide measurable results and new proposals for the approach of the target market of each of our partners, and all of the above, in an effective and cost-efficient way.  At Intelligent Media we strive to preserve and develop our relationship with our clients which are considered and managed as partners.  We always look forward to long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our philosophy

At Intelligent Media, our philosophy is based on a number of basic principles which the people of our company people espouse and apply in every step of our processes, both internal and external.

Client-centric: Since the establishment of Intelligent Media, the client and his needs where always at the epicenter of our work. The total of our corporate procedures is designed with client satisfaction in mind. In addition, our corporate structure is designed in a way that allows us to respond in a swift and effective manner to our clients’ needs, whether it is an existing project that needs our support or a new opportunity that needs our inspiration and expertise.

Innovation: Innovation is for Intelligent Media a day-to-day task. It  begins with the new services and products we design and develop for our clients, always with a detail for originality and efficiency, and it concludes with the redesign of existing processes, services and products in order to meet goals of effectiveness optimization.  τους.  Innovation at Intelligent Media is supported by a dedicated R&D (research and development) department, which is staffed with individuals with great experience in hardware and software development and integration.

Quality: Intelligent Media is quality certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality system for the total of its processes and activities. In addition to this certification, our company possesses a philosophy that drives our people to provide exceptional quality products and services.  This is one of our basic advantages and strongly characterizes us. Every process and deliverable passes through detailed quality control before it is delivered to our client. The quality processes we follow are reconsidered and adjusted on predefined timeframes in order for them to be compatible and always produce the best quality result possible. This is extremely important, especially since our services target the ever-changing landscape of marketing, promotion and advertising.

Our people: At Intelligent Media we believe that our results are the reflection of our people.  For this reason, we set their development as our top priority and we want every day to bring a new challenge for them.  We ask from our people to espouse our principles, we want them to be innovative and we provide them with freedom to express their opinion and be heard without prejudice or indifference. This is why our people is one of the most basic drivers of our company’s growth.

Strong partnerships: At Intelligent Media, we aspire that our clients become partners. We perceive our company as a specialized technology and marketing innovation consultant and we seek to develop and preserve mutually beneficial partnerships.  Thus, we position ourselves in a way that allows us to provide support and expertise to our clients to all of their needs, making our relationship a trusting, long-term one

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