Security systems

Intelligent Media is active in designing and development of suveillance systems with the use of cutting-edge technology equipment and with the provision of custom solutions for any need.

Even since the project's conception and requirements registration up to the design and implementation stages, we are always on the client's side, providing the most efficient solutions for surveillance projects.

The equipment provided by our company includes:

  • Professional series monitors for control and monitoring centers
  • Surveillance cameras (steady and remotely-controlled (PTZ)), B&W or colored with various analyses, video or IP, supported by a wide variety of lenses
  • Digital recorders with multiple features and recording capacities
  • Camera remote control consoles
  • Camera power supplies
  • Video recording cards
  • Video servers
  • Cameras wall and ceiling stands
  • Quads
  • Matrices
  • Multiplexers

All equipment used in our projects is of the following brands:


Additionally to the equipment's provision, Intelligent Media undertakes the following services:

  • The project's design
  • The installation of the equipment
  • The required cabling installation
  • The project's after-sales support

Our clients that trusted us for the realization of their surveillance needs, include:

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail stores
  • Residential buildings

Intelligent Media business units

  • idcs
  • CareHub
  • Digital Doctor

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Security systems