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Intelligent Media is responsible for the development of numerous Digital Signage  projects since 2005.  This fact in combination with a deep knowledge of the Greek market needs and characteristics led us in developing a software platform that supports Digital Signage projects development in a robust and reliable way.  The main goals of this software platform were as follows:

  • Provision of options and characteristics normally provided by high-cost internationally used platforms
  • Reliable and scalable environment
  • Relatively low cost that does not hinder the development of multi-points projects due to the need for multiple software licensees
  • Continuous support and improvement by a group of Greek software engineers

All the above are strong competitive advantages for those who need to develop a cost-effective and reliable Corporate or Advertising Digital Signage network, backed up by continuous support and features improvement.



Modules of OmniSpot Digital Signage platform

OmniSpot is based on client-server architecture and consists of the following software modules:


OD         ONM         OP

 (click for a detailed description)


A schematic depiction of the platform is given in the following schematic:

OmniSpot schematic

Features and capabilities

  1. Ability to show multiple content regions on one screen at the same time (multi-window presentation).
  2. Ability to present video, animation, photos, live or static RSS feeds in a crawl ribbon, time and date. and weather data.
  3. Screen design without any limitations regarding creative or windows number parameters.
  4. Ability to present in a window of arbitrary size analogue or digital TV signals for predefined timeframes.
  5. Full capability for content scheduling up to one year long.
  6. Remote software support for trouble-shooting procedures and system maintenance.

Intelligent Media business units

  • idcs
  • CareHub
  • Digital Doctor

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OmniSpot features