OmniSpot Designer

OmniSpot Designer module is responsible for the design of the screen and its segmentaion in various regions that present different content types.  OmniSpot Designer has the ability of including essentially unlimited content regions in a specific layout.  These content regions can reproduce the following types of content:

Video Image slideshows
RSS feeds Date and time
Weather flash animation Flash animation
Analog or DVB-T TV signal  

All content regions can be time-scheduled and que-scheduled, meaning that the user has the ability to manage the airing of any content with ease and precision.

Through these features, it is possible to build a schedule with a maximum duration of up to one month. Schedules may also appear at specific times in the future.

When the creative design of the available content in combination with time scheduling and queuing is complete, OmniSpot Designer will export a file of appropriate format that includes all the information entered during the design process. This file will be used by OmniSpot Network Manager in order to update the appropriate OmniSpot Player.

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