LETO BABY STORES selects idcs for social media management

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idcs, the digital services business unit of Intelligent Media, was selected as the exclusive provider for social media management services by LETO BABY STORES

In its initial stage, the project will include the creation of the official Facebook page, the design and development of custom Facebook applications and the implementation of marketing activities such as Facebook contests with the goal of increasing the Facebook page fans.

The target group of LETO BABY STORES are pregnant women as well as mothers of children up to the age of 3.  This target group is quite dynamic and vibrant in social media and the goal of the project is to attract this audience and create loyalty, brand awareness and sales uplift.

The project will include social media marketing activities and specially designed online promotions for the fans of the LETO BABY STORES page.

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LETO BABY STORES selects idcs for social media management