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Empower your customers with a compelling, interactive experience.

In today’s world digital world, people like to get information and make purchase decisions on their own terms. A conventional and ordinary sales speech provided by a sales representative is considered by many as uninteresting and overwhelming. On the other hand, Interactive Digital Signage offers an effective solution for attracting your customers or your audience undivided attention, in a totally welcoming way. Interactive technologies instantly engage your audience, empowering them to learn about your company and discover the products or the services you offer. By adopting Interactive Digital Signage applications:

  • You will help your audience self-serve and get the information they are looking for.
  • You will capture your customers’ attention and encourage them to engage so they connect with your message.
  • You will create a memorable and compelling experience that helps strengthen customer confidence while increasing your brand loyalty.

Integration with Touch Screens & Mobile Devices

Interactive digital signage is a growing communication platform, which can arouse your customers’ interest and connect them to your company. The media players that support integration with compatible touch screens widen selection and hasten development of interactive public display networks. Interactive digital signage converts any large or small display, into a dynamic and interactive surface. Using innovative multi-touch technologies and the necessary analysis and speed to support touch technology, allows for multiple users to interact simultaneously with all possible finger-based gestures. Another kind of interactive digital signage is the development of functionality, which allows interfacing with mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. In this way, advertising acquires a new meaning, which will certainly keep your clients interested and strengthen their attention, because of easiness and immediacy offered through the alternation of digital signage content, easily and quickly, with a simple touch at mobile device. The printed brochures are replaced by e-brochures in interactive video displays, offering the flexibility of updating messages faster and more effectively. Digital Signage can be incorporated into large touch screens that are useful as interactive information kiosks, installed at crowded public venues, such as shopping malls, railway stations etc. Since the limits between physical and digital retail environments are blurring and costumers have turned to mobile devices, with a variety of new applications that enhance their digital lifestyle, many companies redesign their stores, in order to improve their customers’ shopping experience, in an interactive and friendly environment. The new type of marketing involves digital signage displays and interactive touch panels, which reflect the vision and effectively highlight the profile of any company.

Wayfinding applications

Wayfinding is a user friendly technology that is able to provide dynamic information regarding location and guidelines for reaching a point from any other point. It is one of the most popular interactive digital signage applications.  Wayfinding interactive maps direct visitors in your facilities (both indoor and outdoor) and provide them with a source of information that they can use for finding a point of interest. In this way a business or a public venue can offer to their customers or visitors detailed guidelines, through an easy to use and modern touch screen technology. Besides the provided map, there is the ability to color code the various points of interest and insert a variety of information icons that will allow your visitors to easily identify common use locations such as exits, elevators and stairs. You can also add “You are here” indications, so your visitors know at any moment their location and intuitive digital paths that guide them to their destination.

Wayfinding applications are effective and necessary for venues such as corporate buildings and facilities, universities, healthcare facilities, government buildings, hotels, conference halls, etc.

Customer experience, service design and digital signage

Service design is a specific approach to user experience that takes a holistic view of consumers experience with the company brand. It’s an attempt to construct a comprehensive picture of all the touch points that create an experience and the organizational functions that support it. The digital data must be an extension of the company culture, designating faithfully to its values. Imagine that you walked into a restaurant and instead of receiving a menu from the waiter you must hop onto the Internet to search for the menu, to see the food choices, to check the kitchen's available inventory and to send your order into the kitchen so they prepare it. This would be time consuming, ineffective, it most likely lead to a less than desirable dining experience and in fact it would completely defeat the purpose of a restaurant. Menus exist because they are an important part of the overall experience of the restaurant and contribute to the whole image of the company. The same thing applies to all the companies, where interactive digital signage should be part of an experience of its whole function and to focus to the services or the products that offers, as well as to be customer focused. Digital experiences have become part of retail, but only a digital experience created by the company brand can actually convey the brand history. It’s important to customize interactive digital signage into the company profile, in order to be really beneficial for the company and the consumer.

Custom solutions from Intelligent Media

Intelligent Media provides turn-key interactive digital signage products and services, customized for your own needs. Our team will cooperate with you to design, develop and support a custom digital signage solution, tailored to your expectations, with the lowest possible cost. Intelligent media includes everything you need to create an amazing interactive digital experience, with reliable and accurate functionality and operation.

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