Intelligent Media launches advertising signage network at LETO maternity clinic

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Intelligent Media following its strategic goals for deploying advertising signage networks to healthcare sector proceeded to another vital cooperation. LETO maternity clinic is the sixth network in sequence- the other networks are that of IASO and MITERA maternity clinics, HYGEIA, METROPOLITAN and IASO GENERAL clinics- that is being deployed and from August 2008 seven LCD/plasma screens will be deployed to all the communal places of LETO. The content narrowcasted to each screen features health-related and entertaining themes as well as carefully selected advertising messages in relevance to the audience of the clinic.

Intelligent Media aims to reach the desirable target group for many companies (new future parents) dynamically and effectively (88% ad recall, result taken from “The Advertising Effectiveness Research: Plasma screens network in IASO Maternity Clinic”, 2008, Focus Bari). Also, it is worth mentioning that the three maternity clinics that Intelligent Media cooperates with (MITERA, LETO, IASO), gather the 79% of births nationally (ICAP, 2007, “Healthcare private sector: departmental study”).

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