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Intelligent Media is a technology company with a strong focus on. It was founded on March 2005 from people with knowledge and extended experience in the fields of technology, internet, marketing and advertising.  Since the beginning, Intelligent Media was focused on providing integrated advertising and promotion solutions based on innovative technologies. These technologies enable our clients to test new advertising opportunities that offer targeted, dynamic and personalized communication with their target markets, while at the same time they are extremely cost-efficient.

Digital signage services

Since its early days, Intelligent Media entered the then nascent field of digital signage in a very dynamic way. It deployed a large number of digital signage networks in public spaces with its main focus being on the healthcare sector. The first project of Intelligent Media was developed in November of 2005 in Mitera Maternity Hospital and since then the number of similar networks has grown significantly. Even though we have designed a large number of digital signage applications for corporate environments, the majority of our digital signage networks are based on advertising revenue models. These networks depend exclusively on ad revenues in order to fund their on-going operation and provide profits to their investors. The continuous and substantial revenue achieved by Intelligent Media through the operation of its ad-funded digital signage networks, in combination with the large advertisers that trust them, have proved that digital signage may become a viable business model for the parties operating them, but also for venues owners. The advertisers that supported our digital signage networks ripped substantial rewards and came closer to their target audience in a way not available to them up to that moment.

Intelligent Media has succeeded in providing a complete range of solutions in the field of digital signage. Its services include project design and consulting services, provision, installation and equipment maintenance, content creation and management, and finally, the selling of advertising time. Intelligent Media is the only company in Greece that provides this range of digital signage services. Hence, Intelligent Media is the digital signage partner that can be trusted by companies, large and small alike, for the deployment of their projects.

Expansion of services

Besides digital signage, Intelligent Media grew substantially in a number of other business fields such as audiovisual equipment rental for events support and permanent installations of audiovisual equipment for professional use.  Besides these, Intelligent Media provides security systems solutions for professional uses. A very strong point of Intelligent Media is also the creation and editing of content with a strong focus on digital signage content.

New business units

Since 2010 and due to its ever strong interest and focus on innovation in marketing technologies, Intelligent Media proceeded in the establishment of dedicated business units, in order to offer a more complete services lineup to a broader clients’ base.

The development and launch of www.babyzone.gr, a website for pregnancy, parenthood, child and family matters, was the first dedicated business unit of Intelligent Media.  Babyzone has grown today to one of the largest websites of its kind in Greece. In combination with the advertising digital signage networks that Intelligent Media operates in maternity hospitals, Babyzone offers a very attractive package for advertisers interested in the specific, extremely dynamic,  market segment of pregnancy and parenthood,

Again in 2010, Intelligent Media established its second business unit under the title idcs (Intelligent Digital Content Services), a business unit offering services in the online media sector.  The goal of establishing idcs is the provision of a complete range of services tour clients in need for quality services in the fields of web, mobile, social media and online marketing. idcs is also responsible for the development of the software used in applications developed for the other activities of intelligent Media, such as digital signage.

In 2012, Intelligent Media proceeded with the establishment with a third business unit that resulted in the design and production of CareHub, the first European health station with capabilities for self health monitoring and recording.

Intelligent Media business units

  • idcs
  • babyzone.gr
  • CareHub
  • Digital Doctor
  • meteofarm.gr

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