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Since 2005, Intelligent Media succesfully designs, installs and manages efficiently digital signage networks for the largest healthcare services units in Greece.  Our clients include the maternity hospitals IASO, IASO THESSALIAS, GENESIS and MITERA KRITIS, the general clinics METROPOLITAN, IASO GENERAL, CENTRAL CLINIC OF ATHENS, MEDITERRANEO and ATHENS EUROCLINIC, the children's hospitals IASO PAIDON and EUROCLINIC PAIDON and 9 diagnostic centers of the chain DIAGNOSIS.  All the aforementioned networks host advertisements of interested companies.

As of November 2010, Intelligent Media is also responsible for advertising sales of the EUROMEDICA group healthcare facilities that span all over Greece as well as for a digital signage network installed in 920 pharmacies all over Greece.  This way, our company is able to target 1.700.000 viewers per month that have an average awaiting time of 1 1/2 hours in front of our screens.

Advertising signage provides the ability to show targeted messages, selected in accordance to the aesthetics of the healthcare facilities, fact that ensures that the advertised products and services attracts viewer interest and becomes desirable.

Marketing research performed by Focus Bari in 2011 (similar researches conducted in 2008 and 2006) for a sample of 300 males and females between the ages of 25 and 45 who were visitors and/or customers of IASO maternity hospital in Marousi, Athens, showed that advertising digital signage is a very effective medium and has great results such as:

  • 86% reported at least one specific advertiser / program.
  • Higher percentage of ad recall among new & future parents compared with other visitors.
  • 8 to 10 outgoing from the IASO (82%) claimed very / fairly satisfied with the medium to display promotional messages for products / services with a higher degree of satisfaction to indicate almost 9 in 10 new / future parents (89%).

Advertising digital signage is here, a highly targeted way of communicating messages.

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