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Advertising digital signage FAQ

In this section, you may find answers to frequently asked questions in relation to the advertising digital signage networks developed and operated by Intelligent Media:

Q. In what time intervals will my advertisement appear?
Α. Approximately every 12 minutes, i.e. approximately 5 times per hour on each screen.

Q. How often can I change my advertisement?
Α. You can change your advertisement as often as you like. In addition, you may take advantage of the five available impressions per hour on each screen and show more than one advertisements interchangably.

Q. Is it allowed for my competitors to be advertised will my campaign is on air?
Α. We provide the option for exclusivity for a certain amount of time through the purchase of a product or service category sponsorship.

Q. What is the advertising cost in the Advertising Signage network of Intelligent Media;
Α. The network operated by Intelligent Media covers a large number of private heathcare facilities all over Greece.  These facilities attract various numbers of people.  Consequently, pricing depends mainly on the number of people visiting a facility, and thus, are accessible by the specific advertising signage installation.

Q. How long will it take for my advertisement to air?
Α. The time to air depends on the number of the selected advertising signage installations, but it safe to say that a week is adequate for the total number of the installations.

Q. Who designs my advertisement?
Α. If you already have and advertising spot for the product or service you wish to advertise, you can as well use it in our own network. If you do not have an advertising spot, we can design and produce it with a very competitive cost.

Q. Will my advertisement appear on all screens of a specific advertising digital signage installation (e.g. a private clinic)?
Α. Your advertisement will apperar on all screens of a specific advertising signage installation.  Nevertheless, for some installations there is the capability for appearance on specific screen groups.

Q. If more screens are added on specific installation, will the advertisement cost increase?
Α. If Intelligent Media adds more screens in a specific installation, no additional charge will be applied.

Q. Will my advertising campaign renew automatically?
Α.  No, you will be notfified at least 30 days prior to the end of your campaign and you will have the chance to renew it yourself.

Q. Are there available discounts on the network's pricelist?
Α. Discounts are available for campaigns booked for certain timeframes (over 3 months) as well as in the case you choose more than one digital signage network for the appearance of your advertisement.

Q. What is the maximum duration of my advertisement?
Α. Your advertisement can have a duration up to 20 sec. For additional seconds there is a proportional charge  that depends on the network's pricelist.

Digital Signage FAQ

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Advertising digital signage FAQ