Ferry lines ambient media advertising opportunities

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In the context of ferry lines media, Intelligent Media has the exclusive right of advertsing sales of the available on-board ambient media, offered by all the participating ferry lines (Blue Star & Superfast Ferries, Hellenic Seaways, Minoan Lines, Fast Ferries, Goutos Lines and Aegean Speed Lines).

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The participating ferry lines vessels cover a large number of destinations on the Aegean and Adriatic Seas and serve 10 million passengers on an annual basis. With this volume of passengers, the available ambient media become a rather effective and cost-efficient advertising medium.

A list of available ambient media is provided below. Not all options are available on all vessels.

Important note: The final approval of each ambient media advertising campaign is provided by the ferry lines.

List of available ambient media

A variety of on-board ambient are available. All ambient media are carefully selected in order to accomplish high visibility and customer reach and engagement.

  1. Lightboxes: Blue Star & Superfast Ferries, Hellenic Seaways, Goutos Lines and Aegean Speed Lines, offer Light Boxes, which can host backlit film advertisements with dimensions of 59.4 cm width x 84.1 cm height.
  2. Garage surfaces: garage surfaces are available for branding on all participating vessels, besides those that do not carry vehicles. Large area stickers may be applied to vertical surfaces in order to target the vehicles drivers.
  3. Elevators: on all vessels featuring passenger elevators, interested advertisers may brand the elevator's external doors surface with stickers.
  4. Escalators: on all vessels featuring escalators, advertisers are able to brand the escalator's vertical glass surfaces with stickers.
  5. WC: public WCs offer a variety of advertising options. Stickers may be appied on the WC doors or on the mirrors (coverage of 1/5 of the mirror surface). Also, leaflet displays are available.

ambient media σε πλοία γραμμών ακτοπλοΐας

  1. Airseats tables: advertisers may brand the airseat table and specifically the surface of the table visible when the table is closed. The option is available in selected ships.
  2. Services guide: available only in Blue Star and Superfast Ferries, this advertising option allows full or half page advertisements in the Service Guide brochure, present in all cabins.
  3. Cabin key cards*: available in selected ships, provides the advertiser with the option to brand key cards and key card folders.
  4. Luggage tags*: branding of the luggage tags external surface is available. The tags are applied on luggages stored in the storage compartments.
  5. Destination cards*: branding of the destination cards put on the vehicles in order to define their destination.

*Are you interested in one of these advertising options? Partial quantities options are also available.

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On Board Events

Besides ambient media, there is a variety of promotional activities that can be implemented on-board. The large number of participating vessels, in combination with a variety of travelling times and destinations, offer a large selection of options offered to advertisers that are interested in implementing below-the-line activities on-board.

Examples of below-the-line activities are as follows that can be implemented during or before the trip are as follows:

  1. Sampling
  2. Advertising material dissemination
  3. Theme parties

If you wish to reach a large number of captive travellers with a single campaign, on-board ambient media and below-the-line activities will allow you to target your audience effectively and in a cost-efficient manner. Contact us and we will find the most suitable proposal for your needs.

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