Digital signage software

Contemporary digital signage installations are supported by specialised software which is responsible for the design, distribution, operation control and reproduction of the desired content.  A standard digital signage software suite consists of the following modules:

Designer: It is the module responsible for content design. The specific module has the ability of splitting the screen in desired size regions and embedding the desired content in each of them.  Depending on the region type it is possible to include videos, photos, animations, weather data, dynamic or static RSS feeds, music, etc. Each region provides the option for time scheduling of the content.

Network manager: The specific module has the function of distributing the content, as exported from the Designer module, to the desired remote players.  In most cases,  Network manager is also used for the monitoring of the remote players status. Both Designer and Network manager are usually located in a control center.  This center is where all content management and player status monitoring is taking place.

Player: This module is installed in the PCs which are installed at the remote installation locations of a digital signage network.  This part of the software is responsible for content reproduction as this was designed by the Designer module and distributed by Network manager.  The PC output is connected to one or more screens located in the specific installation point.

A depiction of a standard digital signage network topology is given in the following schematic:

network setup small

Characteristics and options of the various digital signage software suites available in the market vary greatly in relation to their cost of acquisition and operation.

Intelligent Media taking into account the market needs for a cost-effective and efficient solution, produced  the Digital Signage software suite "OmniSpot". More about "OmniSpot" and its advantages are available here.

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