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Intelligent Media offers technical support for new and existing Digital Signage networks all over Greece.  Besides the networks that Intelligent Media has developed, support is also offered for networks implemented by other integators in the past.

Technical support services include:

Network reconstruction: In cases where the network has been developed a few years ago and technical issues become serious, Intelligent Media undertakes the equipment examination in installation points presenting operation issues, the repair of any issues and the replacement of any problematixc equipment (screens, content players, network equipment, etc). In addition, in those cases where the network relies on stand-alone players, Intelligent Media offers the option for upgrading the network with the use of specialized Digital Signage software. Towards that, Intelligent Media has developed a proprietary Digital Signage platform under the name "OmniSpot".

Content management: In the cases where the network in question relies on stand-alone players, Intelligent Media undertakes the production and copying of storage media (USB sticks, storage cards, DVD discs) and their dispatch to the installation points. In the case where networked players are used Intelligent Media is able to manage the content centrally, either with the existing software or with its proprietary Digital Signage platform "OmniSpot".

Equipment maintenance: The specific service is related to the maintenance of the installed equipment and the repair of any malfunctions or the replacement of any damaged equipment.

It has to be noted that the equipment maintenance and content management services are offered on the basis of annual contracts.  This way, the customer knows in advance the services cost, while at the same time he ensures the fulfillment of his network's needs in predetermined timeframes, parameters provided through the signing of Service Level Agreements (SLA).

If at any time you decided to develop a Digital Signage network and the results were not the desired ones due to poor design, materials or support, Intelligent Media is a reliable partner that will bring your network back to life.

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