Digital signage markets and applications


Digital signage technologies are used in many applications worldwide and have been adopted by numerous sectors for a variety of uses.  Even though there is not a definitive list of these applications, the following list provides an idea of the most prominent ones:

Information for the public: The content may include, news, weather forecasts, local news, as well as, information regarding the specific venue.  For example, in a train station, digital signage may be used for departure announcements and train schedules.

Corporate information: In many cases, digital signage is used by companies in their own buildings or facilities in order to provide information for staff and collaborating parties.  These information may include corporate messages, health and safety guidelines, training material, production statistical data, etc.

Use as advertising medium: When a digital signage network is located in a public or a public-accessible private venue that attracts a great number of people, then this network may be used as an advertising platform exclusively or in combination with informational content. If the network shows advertisements exclusively or in combination with other types of material is mainly depended on the waiting time that characterizes the network's viewers.  The advertising use of digital signage networks falls in the subcategory of advertising digital signage which is characterized by substantial growth on a worldwide basis, since advertisers discover the dynamics and effectiveness of the new medium and have the ability to show their advertisements to large numbers of people with a relatively low cost and great flexibility regarding parameters such as advertisement frequency, content and time of activation.

In-Store Marketing: Digital signage technologies are widely used all over the world for In-Store promotion activities.  In this case, digital signage is used from retailers in order to promote products or services to their customers and to show third-party advertisements which usually sell their products in the specific point of sales.

Customer experience improvement: Digital signage is also used in applications where the goal is the improvement of customer experience.  An example is bank branches where digital signage is used in order to reduce the percepted waiting time, promoting at the same time bank products and services and providing relevant information.  Another example is food and beverage sector where digital signage is used for dynamic menu provision, special deals promotion, etc.

Interactivity: In the case of more advanced technological applications we meet Interactive digital signage.  Through the combination of projection (diffrent technologies projection screens or surfaces) and interactive technologies, the involvement of the visitor or customer with the projection medium is realised, providing thus the ability to the user to obtain information of his interest in a dynamic way, as well as to receive advertisement of his immediate interest in a very targeted way.


Digital signage technologies have been successfully applied in various vertical markets all over the world. Examples of successful applications may be found in the following markets:

  • Airports, train and bus stations
  • Malls
  • Public buildings
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Universities
  • Private- and public-sector health facilities

The latter two sectors present substantial growth regarding digital signage applications with these applications ranging from information provision, advertisement and recreation and with the use of interactivity, education, dynamic information provision and inclusion of user-generated content. 

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Digital signage markets and applications