Digital signage for corporate applications

Digital signage for corporate applications is one of the most rapidly developing fields of digital signage.  The installation of a digital signage network fpr corporate use is undertaken by a company that wishes to develop its own channel either in its own venues or in third-party venues.  The personalised channel developed aims in communicating companies messages and content to its customers, staff, vendors and collaborators.

With the use of specialised digital signage software and various projection technologies (plasma and LCD screens, video projectors, etc) every company or organisation has the ability to develop its own personalised channel easily, quickly, efficiently and at a very affordable cost.  This channel can be shown in one or more points of presence, providing at the same time for the adjustment of the content shown in a way that covers distinct marketing needs depending on the specific point of interest.  A variety of content can be shown such as corporate communication, recreational content, weather data, news, sector news, etc.  In addition digital signage for corporate applications can be used as a new source of revenue through the sale of advertising time to third-party companies (advertising digital signage).

Intelligent Media is entering the digital signage applications for corporate use field in a very dynamic way through the development of networks for a variety of clients that are interested in communicating their products and services through a very dynamic and efficient medium.

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Digital signage for corporate applications