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Content is one of the most critical success factors for any digital signage project and the term is used to describe any content shown on the screens of a specific digital signage installation.  Content can include text, images, videos, animations, sound, live or static feeds depiction, live TV feeds, while it is possible to be designed in an interactive way.

It is common knowledge that even though many digital signage projects are based on robust technology, the content shown is not designed in an appropriate way, resulting in poor public attention, and thus, the incomplete exploitation of the medium dynamics.

In contemporary digital signage installations, content is designed and distributed to the network's locations with the use of special software, which allows both for the appropriate design and content distribution.

Intelligent Media relies heavily on content shown for the effectiveness of the digital signage networks it develops and operates.  Towards this, a specialised content department exists in the company, providing dedicated digital signage content production and distribution services.

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