Commercial exploitation of the Smart Park shopping mall

Smart Park

Since February 2016, Intelligent Media has undertaken the exclusive promotion, management and commercial exploitation of the outdoor advertising positions of the Smart Park shopping mall.

The Smart Park mall

The Smart Park shopping mall is located in the area of Spata and occupies an area of 91 acres, making it the largest shopping mall in Greece. Out of the total area that Smart Park mall occupies, 30 acres are exclusively green spaces. The shopping mall has 35,000 sq. meters of commercial spaces, which host some of the top brand names in the retail sector. This is why Smart Park mall promises to make the shopping experience unforgettable.

Compared to other shopping malls, Smart Park is distinguished by its high and modern architecture, its’ open spaces and outdoor activities. The summer Cinema, the retail stores and the playgrounds, offer a unique experience to the visitor. Smart Park’s profile and features make it the most family-friendly shopping mall, giving the opportunity to both adults and children to have a great shopping and entertainment experience.

The 4.2 million visitors in 2016 and the long dwell times, indicate the great commercial potential of the shopping mall.

Smart Park’s exclusive commercial exploitation by Intelligent Media

The mall covers a very large area so, there are numerous and various types of advertising space to be exploited. The advertising spaces are available on the side of the buildings, the escalators, the bridges that connect the outdoor parking to the center of the mall, the lifts and the parking spaces both the underground and the outdoor. In the following presentation, you can see the available ad spaces.

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Smart Park is also available to host various types of promotions. Due to the large area it covers, the possibilities are endless and can include promotional staff, product placements, pop-up stores, and many more.


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