carehub logo enThe CareHub health station is a major innovation in the health prevention field as well as a fantastic new medium for marketing, promotion and advertisement.

Regarding the consumer, CareHub is an integrated solution for those that see the value of keeping a track record of basic health parameters and wish to perform health tests in an easy and intuitive way. The CareHub health station offers a number of basic health tests that are performed through an embedded touch-screen featuring an easy and intuitive user interface, through which the user is able to manipulate all the embedded test equipment. The CareHub user has the ability to create an online free record of his test results by signing up with the myCareHub service. Through myCareHub the user is able to track his historic test results, independently of the particular station he used.

The CareHub health station uses a proprietary technology in combination with certified health test appliances in order to obtain the most accurate result possible. CareHub is CE certified and holds the NOM notification number 71253 - 2013.

The CareHub health station is a perfect match for a variety of applications such as corporate facilities, pharmacies, gyms, and public venues. Every facility can take advantage of CareHub in order to provide important health prevention services, either for their employees or for their customers.

Besides permanent installations, CareHub is also available on a rental basis for predefined amounts of time. The rental model is offered for companies that wish to use it during promotion activities. Such companies may be pharmaceuticals or other companies in the sectors of health and wellness.

CareHub, besides its straightforward usefullness as a health prevention tool, is also an advertising platform with amazing features that is ideal for promoting products and services. The currently available ways of promotion and advertisement are the following:

  • The external surfaces of CareHub may be covered with appropriate advertising stickers.
  • The touch screen user interface provides the ability to target the user with interactive ads exploiting criteria such as age, sex and test results.
  • The optional digital signage system with the featured LCD screen allows the communication of messages with criteria such as time, place of installation, etc.

Contact the CareHub team at (+30) or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just visit and find out what this innovative health station can offer to your business.

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