Audiovisual equipment rental

Intelligent Media, by adopting the latest technological advances in the audiovisual equipment and new media fields is able to offer high quality, innovative and effective audiovisual applications.

The provisioned audiovisual equipment covers a wide range of applications, ranging from plasma and LCD screens to projectors, audio-support systems and professional lighting. With these equipment we are able to cover the needs of a wide variety of events.

The equipment is available for rental in your own premises, in exhibition centers, events, as well as, for use in promotional activities in point of sales. It has to be noted that equipment rental is offered as a full-service solution with Intelligent Media undertaking the installation, technical support and uninstallaiton of the equipment with its own staff.

The range of the services provided by Intelligent Media includes the full technical coverage of all types of events.

We can design the technical coverage of your event and offer among other choices:

  • Complete visual coverage with screens, projectors, LED and video walls as well as other visual technologies
  • Complete audio coverage for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Microphonic coverage for conferences and press conferences
  • Filming and photography for events and material delivery in authored DVD format for the video material and print and digital form for the photo material.
  • Computers and network equipment provision for training sessions
  • Transcription services for conferences

Intelligent Media business units

  • idcs
  • CareHub
  • Digital Doctor

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