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@sea is an innovative onboard infotainment πλατφόρμα, which can also be used for advertising campaigns and has been designed and developed exclusively for the Blue Star & Superfast Ferries and Hellenic Seaways vessels. The platform has been designed in order to offer ferry passengers with informational and entertainment content.

@sea home - Attica Group

The @sea infotainment platform is available to all passengers. The passengers can use the platform just by connecting to the freely available on-board Wi-Fi network. Platform use does not require an Internet connection, since all content is served locally. Access to the platform is automated, since it operates in a captive portal format, which launches the platform automatically upon connection to the on-board Wi-Fi. This way, a rather high number of visits is achieved, since it is rather simple for a passenger to connect and use the platform.

Available services and applications

The @sea infotainment platform offers to passengers a variety of services and applications that include informational and entertainment content. The user can browse the on-board food options menus or play games. The user can also browse through the ship's guide, find ticket agents per destination, discover the ship's deck plans and available on-board services or watch the vessel's safety video.

In addition, the passenger that uses the platform, is able to create his own music playlist from a variety of music genres. Additional services include a dynamic map of the vessel's position, weather forecasts, news headlines, etc. 

In more detail, the following apps and services are available:

  1. Web@sea: provides paid satellite internet access with the use of a voucher that can be obtained at the reception desk
  2. Movies@sea: provides paid access to an on-demand movie service, available exclusively on the ship
  3. Games@sea: provides free access to a variety of web-based games that can be played by the user on smartphones, tablets and laptops
  4. Info@sea: provides a variety of useful information in regard to a specific vessel. Information include the ship's guide, restaurant menus, ship's technical details, travel agents lists, destination port maps, ship's deck plans, destinations and safety videos
  5. Live@sea: provides free access to a number of live information, such as the vessel's position, news headlines and weather forecast 
  6. Chat@sea: an on-board full-featured chat platform that allows passengers to chat either on a one-to-one basis or by participating in chat rooms 
  7. Music@sea: provides the passenger with a number of 1000+ songs seperated in genres. The passenger can create his own playlists

@sea music - Attica Group

The infotainment platform is based on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, since the passenger only has to use his own smartphone, tablet or laptop in order to connect and use the platform.

Dynamic advertising formats

The @sea infotainment platform, besides being a very useful tool for passengers, is also a very dynamic advertising platform. The exceptionally high number of passengers (6.2 million on an annual basis) transported by the participating ferry lines, represent a captive audience that is very attractive for an advertiser. For that reason, the platform has been designed in a way that allows for a variety of advertising formats to be displayed. Banners are available, as well as, options for interactive content such as contests, surveys and mobile couponing.

With the launch of each campaign, complete analytics allow for campaign monitoring and results review. A rather important option for the advertiser is the ability to tailor the campaign per vessel or per destination, rendering thus the platform as a rather targeted and effective advertising medium.

The @sea infotainment platform is an exceptional advertising medium, not onlly due to the specific targeting capabilities and custom campaigns, but also due to the high passenger volume (6.2 millions on an annual basis), offered by participating vessels and the extended travel times that exceed 4.5 hours on average.

Available advertising options

Banner: There is variety of banner positions availabe throughout the platform. Available dimensions are 728x90 and 320x250 pixels. Banners can be placed throughout the platform, on selected sections, on specific language, and of course, on selected vessels.

Due to the lack of a free Internet connection on-board, the banner may be clickable in order to guide the user to a page hosted in the platform environment. The advertiser provides the page content, which can include text, images and videos. Another option is to guide the user to a pdf file, which can be saved on his smartphone, tablet or laptop and revisited at a later time.

Pop-up Banner: Pop-up banners are available in various dimensions and can be placed throughout the platform or on selected sections. Various rules can be implemented in regard to the banner display frequency.

As in the previous case, due to the lack of a free Internet connection on-board, pop-up banners may guide the user onto a new page that may include text, images and videos or a pdf file with a save option.

@sea banners - Attica Group

Microsite: The advertiser may opt for a microsite hosted on-board. The microsite is accessible via the @sea platform by means of a banner or a pop-up banner that is clickable and transfers the user to a new browser tab that presents the microsite.

The proposed microsite may contain general content for the passenger (a specific offer, a product catalog, new products, etc). In addition, the microsite may include interactive content, such as the one described above. Customization of the microsite is possible per vessel or per destination, in order to comply with the advertiser's targeting needs.

If the microsite hosts interactive content, the advertiser may opt for marketing data collection that will enable him to retarget the people that interacted with the content.

Game: This option is about the development of a branded web-based game. The game, apart from being a simple game, may include gamification features that will support an advertising campaign. Games is one of the most visited sections on the platform and may offer advertsing effectiveness and entertainment at the same time. The passenger, besides playing the game, has the ability to win discount coupons or any other reward, depending on the concept. Remarketing data collection is also available.

Music: The music@sea application provides the user with a collection of 1000+ songs that can be organized into playlists. The service is provided in a streaming format.

In this case, the advertiser may choose to advertise through an audio message (non-skippable) that will be served to the user before he is able to start listening to the music.

Weather forecast: live@sea service includes a weather forecast service that includes weather data depending on the vessel's destination.

@sea weather - Attica Group

In this case, the weather forecast page can act as an excellent entry point for promoting a product or service related to the weather, such as sun screens.

The aforementioned advertising opportunities offered by the @sea infotainment platform are indicative. Many more scenarios can be implemented and we are at your disposal in order to discuss your needs and find the most effective concept for your business.

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