Wind’s 3 month promotional activity, assigned to Intelligent Media

wind - digital signage

Wind chose Intelligent Media’s Digital Signage Network, in order to promote its new campaign, regarding its 4G signal network. The campaign ran for two months, between February and March 2016, in multiple monitor networks of focused areas of interest. The campaign ran in maternity and general clinics, in order to attract a highly targeted audience with long waiting times.

Promotion of advertising messages for a number of Vian products


Vianex subsidiary, Vian, chose to display advertising messages for a wide variety of its products, through a Digital Signage Network of 820 pharmacies, which is commercially exploited exclusively by Intelligent Media. The products displayed on the network on an annual basis are DEPON, TONOTIL, PENNSAID and TRAVELGUM. The advertisements for these products are on air from January 2016 until today.

Display of OPAP’s campaign on the Attica Group Digital Signage Network


OPAP, the largest betting company in Greece, chose to promote its campaign through Intelligent Media’s Digital Signage Network. The campaign motto was "Bet on it while in Greece" and was addressed exclusively to tourists. The campaign aired for 1.5 month through the network of Blue Star and Superfast Ferries, vessels of Attica Group. This way, OPAP targeted the main target audience of the campaign in a dynamic and efficient way.